Part 1 – Introduction

Meet Mary Jensen, a Wenatchee High School alum who is now a professional flutist and music educator based in Tacoma, Washington. Mary shares how she started her music journey.

Part 2 – How do you prepare for a concert?

Mary walks us through the process of preparing for a concert, including listening to the piece of music for the very first time for a point of reference.

Part 3 – What school subjects do you use when creating music?

Mary talks about all of the school subjects she uses when performing and teaching music, including math, physics, and anatomy.

Part 4 – The Pathway To Becoming A Professional Musician

Mary talks about the importance of determination, perseverance, and finding enjoyment in something even when it is hard, and how teachers can support students by encouraging them to be patient with the process.

Part 5 – The Importance of Accessibility

Mary talks about the perceptions of classical music that she is constantly trying to break down and the importance of accessibility for elementary school students.

Part 6 – Demo: Mary Plays the Flute (for students)

Use this video to introduce Mary to your students! Mary walks us through ideas behind a couple of musical pieces and then plays them for us.