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The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Title I Migrant Education Program, in partnership with schools, communities and families, supports the unique educational and health needs of migrant students by enhancing their opportunities for personal success and advocating for quality services that promote responsible and productive individuals.

The Migrant Department at NCESD 171 is dedicated to supporting schools and communities in providing quality services for migrant students and their families. Our Migrant Consultants are available to provide in-district support in program planning and review, which includes in-depth data analysis based on student achievement.  In addition, the Migrant Department provides a yearlong calendar of professional development opportunities that support staff in staying current on Migrant State requirements as well as academic strategies and techniques that supports the emotional academic growth of Migrant students.

Migrant Ed PD Calendar Sept2017-August2018

Regulations & Guidelines

Educational Links

State and Federal Links

Services and Resources

The NCESD Migrant Office is committed to assisting districts in the use of data to inform and tailor programs to meet the unique needs of migrant students. This support can be provided in workshops, onsite technical assistance, or one-on-one personal contact.

Examples of the support:

  • iGrant Assistance
  • Data Management
  • Program Planning
    • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
    • Service Delivery Plans
  • Compliance-Program Coordination
  • MGS-MSA Training
  • Non-Project Districts
  • Early Childhood Program Models
  • Summer School Planning
    • Dare to Dream
    • Voices From the Field
  • PAC Consultation
  • Parent and Student Engagement
    • Priority for Service Students
    • Graduation

Student and Teacher Leadership

Dare to Dream – Exploring Your Future

The Dare to Dream course is targeted at students who have been identified as being at risk of dropping out of or failing in school. Course content includes study skills and individual tutorials; job preparation, readiness, application, or interview skills; communication skills; personal assessment and awareness activities; speaker presentations; and small group seminars.

Dare to Dream Academic Academy

AWSP Course: Unified Science II 03202 Unified Science courses combine more than one branch of science into a cohesive study or may integrate science with another discipline. General scientific concepts are explored, as are the principles underlying the scientific method and experimentation techniques.

AWSP Course: Informal Mathematics II 02001 Informal Mathematics courses emphasize the teaching of mathematics as problem solving, communication, and reasoning, and highlight the connections among mathematical topics and between mathematics and other disciplines. These courses approach the teaching of general math, pre-algebra, and pre-geometry topics by applying numbers, and algebraic and geometric concepts and relationships to real world.

Voices from the Field

  • Targeted to 6th and 7th grade students entering 7th and 8th grade.
  • Partnership with Islandwood, Bainbridge Island


  • Conduct project-based science and exploration through forest, water, and soil investigations.
  • Conduct scientific observations (scientific method) and enhance writing skills.
  • Practice math skills using data collection methods.
  • Develop creative expression through music and visual arts
  • Practice journal writing and reflection
  • Develop team-building and leadership skills through Teams Course

Summer School

  • Math MATTERS/Math MASTERS Program
  • Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Curriculum
  • Field experiences tied to academic content

Art Contest

K-12 Migrant students can participate in a statewide art contest. The winners will be announced at the State MEP Conference. School Districts can submit their students’ artwork to NCESD.

Mathematical Books & Activities for Young Learners

Our team has put together a great resource page filled with books and activities to help young learners with math literacy. This page is available in English, but can be translated using the “Select Language” button on the top of our website. 

View Books & Activities




Our Migrant Education Program Staff

Cyndy Valdez

Migrant Education Director / K-12 NTC Project GLAD® Trainers
Email Cyndy Valdez

Gaby Fernandez

Family & Student Engagement Specialist
Email Gaby Fernandez

Kathy Anderson

Migrant Academic Support Specialist / PreK-12 NTC Project GLAD® Trainers
Email Kathy Anderson

Lisa Monahan

STEM Coordinator
Email Lisa Monahan

Nadya Bush

Migrant Academic Support Specialist / PreK-12 NTC Project GLAD® Trainers
Email Nadya Bush

Ric Escobedo

Migrant Out-of-School Youth Health Coordinator
Email Ric Escobedo

Latest Program News

Promoting Employee Safety Across the Region

November 21st, 2022|

The North Central Washington Workers' Compensation Program (NCWWCP)’s Safety Incentive Program is a unique opportunity for all NCESD school districts to participate in. The program promotes a strong safety culture to keep employees safe while meeting industry leading practices.

NCESD Offers GLAD® Training to Teachers in the Region

October 25th, 2022|

Recently, NCESD trainers completed a GLAD® training in Manson School District in a third-grade classroom and included teachers from Brewster, Tonasket, Cascade, and Lake Chelan. In this short week of instruction teachers saw students develop voice, practice responsible decision-making, problem solving, and other social emotional competencies as they worked in teams and individually.

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