Did you know that Washington State ranks second in the nation for its number of migrant students?

The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Title I Migrant Education Program, in partnership with schools, communities and families, supports the unique educational and health needs of migrant students by enhancing their opportunities for personal success and advocating for quality services that promote responsible and productive individuals.

The Migrant Department at NCESD 171 is dedicated to supporting schools and communities in providing quality services for migrant students and their families. The NCESD Migrant team is available to provide in-district support in program planning and review, which includes in-depth data analyses based on student achievement. In addition, the team provides a yearlong calendar of professional development opportunities that ensures Migrant Program Directors stay current on State and Federal requirements, as well as academic strategies and techniques that are designed to eliminate barriers Migrant students and their families may face regarding successful school participation and completion.


Federal Programs

Migrant Program Annual Task List

Compiled by the NCESD Migrant Education team, the document below provides an overview of annual tasks for school district Migrant Program. Please note: While this list is thorough, we can not guarantee that it is a comprehensive list for all the districts an individual school district needs to be aware of.

Migrant Program Annual Task List (PDF) > 

Summer School

Summer school can be a valuable way for students of all ages to continue learning, explore new interests, and bridge educational gaps during the summer break. Whether it is a remedial, enrichment, language immersion, outdoor or STEAM program, our NCESD MEP Team will help you plan your summer school program and share resources we develop and collect regionally.( snake content as currently posted under Student Leadership page)

OSPI MEP program in partnership with AWSP and State Universities offers summer programming for students in 8-12 grade for the following programs:

  • Dare to Dream Exploring your Future
  • Dare to Dream Academy
  • Voices from the Field

Summer Program Ideas >

School Readiness

Family Letters: K-5 Math Core Curriculum Resource

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) created a handful of family letters that serve as a great resource for schools to share with families throughout the year. Each letter provides families an overview of the math content students are learning in the classroom, as well as suggestions for how families can support their students at home.

View Family Letter Resources >

Readiness for Math: Grades 6-8 Resources

A variety of resources to assist in Summer School programming to help students practice their math over the summer break.

View Readiness for Math Resources >

Ready for Kindergarten Curricula and Resources

The importance of being ready for kindergarten cannot be overstated. Kindergarten is a critical year for a child’s development, as it sets the foundation for their success in later years. Children who are prepared for kindergarten are more likely to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

OSPI Migrant Education Program supports supplemental instruction prior to Kindergarten to develop language and literacy skills, social-emotional skills, math and a love of learning. This is a link to a Reading Foundation Curricula that can be used by districts to support 3-5 year olds.

Math Books & Activities for Young Learners

Our team has put together a great resource page filled with books and activities to help young learners with math literacy.

View Books and Activities >


Federal Programs Director Job Description
View Jobs Description

Annual Meetings at NCESD
NCESD offers regional Federal Program Director/Coordinator Convenings three times a year.
2023-2024 Convenings >

Migrant Program Infographic
English (PDF)   |   Spanish PDF

Additional Resources:

Service Delivery Plan

Priority for Service Definition

Migrant Graduation

Migrant Graduation Specialist

The role of a Migrant Graduation Specialist is crucial in addressing the unique educational challenges faced by students from migrant backgrounds, helping to bridge gaps and create pathways for academic success and future opportunities.

Annual Student Leadership Day

As part of our program we also partner with Wenatchee Valley College (WVC) College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)  to host an annual Leadership Day for students who follow a migratory lifestyle.  Students spend the day on campus, immersed in leadership activities with current WVC students, and learn about college requirements, as well as how to apply for college.

Identification, Recruitment and Records

Migrant Records Clerk

The position involves enrolling eligible migrant students, maintaining up-to-date files, and collaborating with school staff for accurate educational data entry. It requires working with building secretaries, MEP Recruiters, and the school nurse to identify and enroll migrant children while attending mandatory training sessions. The Records Clerk is responsible for reviewing MSIS reports, ensuring accuracy, and generating reports for analysis by the MEP Grant Coordinator to facilitate data management within the system.


The role involves actively identifying and recruiting eligible migrant children aged 0 through 21, establishing a network with organizations serving migrant populations, and completing Certificates of Eligibility promptly. Responsibilities also include annual revalidation of families’ recent move information, disseminating information about the Migrant Education Program, and referring families to relevant services. Meticulous documentation, including a recruiter log, and attending required training sessions are essential for staying updated on skills and information relevant to the role. Overall, the position focuses on comprehensive identification, recruitment, and support for the educational needs of migrant children and their families within the community.

Migrant Health

Addressing health for migrant students is essential for several reasons, as their well-being can significantly impact their educational experiences and outcomes. Some key points highlighting the importance of addressing health for migrant students include access to education, academic performance, preventing health disparities, focusing on long-term well-being, and reducing barriers to learning. 

Addressing health for migrant students is a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of health and education. It is fundamental for promoting equal opportunities, supporting academic success, and fostering the overall well-being of this diverse student population.

ESD 171 offers assistance and coordination in the following areas but is not limited to:

  • Physicals 
  • Eye Exam Screenings
  • Vision screenings using instrument-based screeners
  • Improving vision screening practices
  • Vision referrals to providers
  • Wellness
  • Health education
  • Funding preventative supplemental health services (nutrition, mental health,  medication, immunizations)
  • Training and Technical Assistance for Migrant Nurses and Record Clerks

Out of School Youth

Migrant out-of-school youth face unique challenges that require attention and targeted interventions. Out-of-school youth refers to individuals who are of compulsory school age (ages 16-21) but are not enrolled in formal education. Some key considerations regarding migrant out-of-school youth are educational access and disruptions, language and cultural challenges, economic pressures, and community involvement. 

By addressing these aspects, stakeholders can work together towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment for migrant out-of-school youth, providing them with opportunities for educational attainment, skill development, and overall well-being


  • OSY professional learning community (PLC)
  • Re-engagement support and services to Out-of-School Youth ages 16-21 years old
  • Support and services to H2A migrant eligible youth
  • Family Engagement Training to Districts
  • Training and Technical Assistance for Migrant Graduation Specialists, Student Advocates, and Recruiters
  • Referrals & Resources

Family Engagement / Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent involvement in the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is crucial for the success and well-being of migrant students. The active engagement of parents in their children’s education helps create a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

What is PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)?

A Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a group of parents or guardians of migrant students who come together to provide input, guidance, and support for the development and improvement of the MEP at the school or district level. The establishment of a PAC is a common practice in education programs, including those specifically designed to meet the needs of migrant students. The committee plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration between parents, school staff, and program coordinators.

Parent Leadership Day

Among our services we provide a Parent Leadership day that includes the whole family. Activities during the day include extended learning for children, lunch and team building activities with testimonials from parents of successful migrant students.

New PAC Training

Provided in your district with a review of your bylaws, officer election support, annual planning, and collaboration with other PACs and agencies.


You can view all upcoming professional development trainings hosted by NCESD on pdEnroller. Below are the Migrant/Bilingual listings.

Our Migrant Education Program Staff

Cyndy Valdez

Migrant Education Director
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Gaby Fernandez

Family & Student Engagement Specialist
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Kathy Anderson

Migrant Academic Specialist
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Lisa Monahan

STEM Education Specialist
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Maria Navarrete

Migrant Out of School OSY/Health Coordinator
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Nadya Bush

Migrant Academic Support Specialist
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