About NCESD Special Education Support & Services

The North Central ESD offers a wide variety of services that include staff development training, technical assistance, and numerous resources for school districts and staff to assist with the educational program for students with disabilities. Many of these services are provided through a cooperative while others are fee for service.

Approximately 143,000 eligible students in Washington state receive special education and related services. The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) fulfills the requirements of the federal individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which ensures all children with disabilities have access to a free appropriate public education.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact the Special Education department at (509) 665-2630 or reach out to one of the contacts below.

Darcy Johnson

Executive Director Special Education
Email Darcy Johnson

Leanne Lafferty

Managing Director, Special Education
Email Leanne Lafferty

Raquel Ellis

Administrative Assistant
Email Raquel Ellis

Itinerant Services

NCESD contracts with our local school districts to provide the following itinerant student support services:

Administrative Support

Our team support districts and schools with the day-to-day running of their special education programs by assisting with clerical and administrative processes.

Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathologists work with students with speech and/or language disorders. Speech disorder refers to a problem with making sounds, while language disorder refers to a problem understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. Therapists use a variety of strategies including language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and oral-motor/feeding and swallowing therapy.

Occupational Therapy

For children in schools, occupational therapy works to ensure that a student can participate in the full breadth of school activities — from paying attention in class; concentrating on the task at hand; holding a pencil, musical instrument, or book in the easiest way; or just behaving appropriately in class. Occupational therapy can boost a student’s self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Physical Therapy

School-based physical therapists support a student’s ability to access their educational environment by assisting a student’s physical participation in a variety of settings throughout the school day. Physical therapists use a variety of treatments to help build strength, improve movement, and strengthen skills needed to complete daily activities.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

The role of the Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments is to provide direct and/or consultative special education services specific to vision loss. Our Teachers of the Visually Impaired work with the educational team by advising about ways of enhancing the student’s learning by adapting activities and materials to the student’s abilities. 

Teacher of the Deaf

The role of the Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is to provide direct and/or consultative special education services specific to hearing loss. Our Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing works with the educational team by advising about ways of enhancing the student’s learning through pre-teaching and re-teaching content as well as building language using a variety of modes of communication.

Orientation and Mobility Specialists

Orientation and Mobility specialists teach children and adults with blindness or vision impairments critical skills to remain oriented in their environments as well as specific mobility skills in order to travel safely, efficiently and as independently as possible. Specialists typically work one-on-one with students and tailor instruction to each individual to include skills such as effective use of the individual’s remaining senses, concept development, orientation skills, problem-solving, use of a long cane or other mobility systems, instruction in the use of optical and/org electronic devices, and more. 

School Psychologists

School psychologists use their expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth success academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. School psychologists partner with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school and the community.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Behavior Analysts work with students to overcome mental and social disabilities, often supporting students with autism and developmental disabilities. They assess and evaluate, then treat students with mental and social disabilities through techniques that allow them to analyze and customize treatment for each student.

Inclusion and Behavior Coaching

The behavior coach provides coaching for teachers to support both school-wide and classroom positive behavior interventions and supports. They focus on increasing the skills of the regular classroom teacher to better meet the needs of the student with behavioral and/or emotional issues.

Upcoming Professional Development for Student Supports

The North Central Educational Service District offers our districts the platform Professional Development Enroller (pdEnroller) to manage professional development opportunities. It is a mobile-friendly web service for event registration, payment, clock hour approval and clock hour recording.

Below is a list of our upcoming professional development events for Special Education staff. Click the event name or “Register” button for more details (it will take you to the pdEnroller website).

Inclusionary Practices Project Professional Learning

The AESD Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) supports coordinated professional learning for school leadership teams. The project’s purpose is to support educators and school leaders with developing and implementing sustainable systems, structures, and practices that support all students with meaningful access and engagement in inclusive learning environments.

Moving All to Success & Health (MASH) Program

Moving All to Success & Health (MASH) is a support program developed by a collaborative of Educational Service Districts to provide training and coaching to school staff and families who are working with children with intensive behavioral needs.

Each MASH team is led by a team of experts including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Registered Behavior Technician, Social Worker, and a Special Education Specialist. MASH teams focus on the success of each student in the school setting. Personalized to the needs of each student and the school, the MASH team provides a wide variety of services including parent training, one-on-one student support, behavior plans and assessments, ACT training, PFA/SBT coaching and implementation, staff behavioral training, IEP support, progress monitoring, and on-campus observations and coaching– all driven by behavioral data. The ultimate achievement being the student’s success at home, school, and in their everyday life!



Abe Bray

MASH Registered Behavioral Technician
Email Abe Bray

Alma Navarrete

MASH Social Worker
Email Alma Navarrete

Anna Troutman

MASH Coordinator
Email Anna Troutman

Janette Ruiz-Arroyo

MASH Registered Behavior Technician
Email Janette Ruiz-Arroyo

Jesse Horwath

MASH Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Email Jesse Horwath

Sam Leahy

MASH Special Education Specialist
Email Sam Leahy

Pre-Employment Transition Services

NCESD has partnered  with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to deliver Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to students within our region.

Pre-ETS workshops are designed to provide essential services to youth with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan, or a documented disability. Our workshops are centered around developing essential job skills, enabling youth to successfully transition into the workforce upon graduation.

NCESD is also seeking local businesses and organization to join us in shaping the future workforce by contributing to the education and professional development of our youth. The community can partner with NCESD to create meaningful experiences through engaging job site tours and impactful paid internships.


Meet Our Special Education Team

Speech Therapists

Alyssa Gonazalez

Speech Language Pathologist Intern
Email Alyssa Gonazalez

Anna Munsey

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Anna Munsey

Carly Reiser

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Carly Reiser

Cathy Mullin

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Email Cathy Mullin

Emily Leavens

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Emily Leavens

Erika Cleverly

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Email Erika Cleverly

Erin Seaburg

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Email Erin Seaburg

Kaelyn Bruner

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Kaelyn Bruner

Madison Meyer

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Madison Meyer

Maurita Andrews

Speech Language Pathologist
Email Maurita Andrews

Nelly Perez

Speech Language Pathologist Intern
Email Nelly Perez

Motor Therapists

Brian Wilgus

Occupational Therapist
Email Brian Wilgus

Chris Allen

Physical Therapist
Email Chris Allen

Jennifer Weeks

Occupational Therapist
Email Jennifer Weeks

Kylie Fordon

Occupational Therapist
Email Kylie Fordon

Michelle Owen

Physical Therapist Assistant
Email Michelle Owen

Mikel Smith

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Email Mikel Smith

Myra Kurtz

Physical Therapist
Email Myra Kurtz

Shana Anders

Physical Therapist
Email Shana Anders

School Psychologists

Ashley Jantzer

School Psychologist
Email Ashley Jantzer

Heather Kelly

School Psychologist
Email Heather Kelly

Lisa Agnew-Santos

School Psychologist
Email Lisa Agnew-Santos

Shelby Bohrman

School Psychologist
Email Shelby Bohrman

Suzi Broaddus

School Psychologist
Email Suzi Broaddus

Coaching & Mentoring

Adrian Chavey

Special Education Inclusion Coach
Email Adrian Chavey

Emily Bushouse

Behavior & Inclusion Coach
Email Emily Bushouse

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Jessica Gutting

Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Email Jessica Gutting

Kay C Bleazard

Teacher of The Visually Impaired Intern
Email Kay C Bleazard

Ryan Stieve

Teacher of Visually Impaired
Email Ryan Stieve

Tarin Kendrick

Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Email Tarin Kendrick

Teachers of the Deaf

Carrie Reece

Teacher of the Deaf
Email Carrie Reece

Katie Cannata

Teacher of the Deaf Intern
Email Katie Cannata

Marie Jamison

Teacher of the Deaf Intern
Email Marie Jamison


Darcy Johnson

Executive Director Special Education
Email Darcy Johnson

Leanne Lafferty

Managing Director, Special Education
Email Leanne Lafferty

Amy Imhoff

School Psychologist
Email Amy Imhoff

Raquel Ellis

Administrative Assistant
Email Raquel Ellis

Regional Directories

NCESD Support Services

DistrictProvider (click to send email)Service
CascadeCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
CashmereCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
CashmereRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
CashmereMelissa TrammellBoard Certified Behavioral Analyst
EntiatKaelyn BrunerSpeech Language Pathologist
EntiatCathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
EntiatMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
EntiatLisa Agnew-SantosSchool Psychologist
EntiatEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
Lake ChelanMelissa TrammellBoard Certified Behavioral Analyst
MansonAshley DavidsonSchool Psychologist
MansonBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
Pinnacles PrepBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
Pinnacles PrepKaelyn BrunerSpeech Language Pathologist
Pinnacles PrepLisa Agnew-SantosSchool Psychologist
StehekinCarly ReiserSpeech Language Pathologist
StehekinErin SeaburgSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
WenatcheeJessica GuttingTeacher of the Visually Impaired
DistrictProvider (click to send email)Service
BridgeportEmily LeavensSpeech Language Pathologist
BridgeportCathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
BridgeportMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
BridgeportBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
BridgeportMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
BridgeportMikel SmithCertified Occupational Therapist Assistant
BridgeportTarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired
BridgeportCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
BridgeportHeather KellySchool Psychologist
BridgeportEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
EastmontRyan Stieve
Teacher of Visually Impaired
MansfieldCathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
MansfieldMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
MansfieldMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
MansfieldHeather KellySchool Psychologist
MansfieldEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
MansfieldMaurita AndrewsSpeech Language Pathologist
OrondoCarly ReiserSpeech Language Pathologist
OrondoCathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
OrondoShana AndersPhysical Therapist
OrondoHeather KellySchool Psychologist
PalisadesMaurita AndrewsSpeech Language Pathologist
PalisadesErika CleverlySpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
PalisadesBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
PalisadesAshley JantzerSchool Psychologist
WatervilleEmily LeavensSpeech Language Pathologist
WatervilleCathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
WatervilleHeather KellySchool Psychologist
WatervilleTarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired
WatervilleShana AndersPhysical Therapist
DistrictProvider (click to send email)Service
Coulee - HartlineErika CleverlySpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
Coulee - HartlineMaurita AndrewsSpeech Language Pathologist
Coulee - HartlineShana AndersPhysical Therapist
Coulee - HartlineMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
Coulee - HartlineAshley DavidsonSchool Psychologist
Coulee - HartlineTarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired
Coulee - HartlineEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
EphrataAshley JantzerSchool Psychologist
EphrataMelissa TrammellBoard Certified Behavioral Analyst
EphrataRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
Grand Coulee DamMadison AndersonSpeech Language Pathologist
Grand Coulee DamSuzi BroaddusSchool Psychologist
Grand Coulee DamTarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired
Grand Coulee DamCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
Grand Coulee DamMelissa TrammellBoard Certified Behavioral Analyst
QuincyTarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired
QuincyRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
QuincyCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
QuincyAmy EddySpecial Education Coordinator
Soap LakeKaelyn BrunerSpeech Language Pathologist
Soap LakeErika CleverlySpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
Soap LakeBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
Soap LakeShana AndersPhysical Therapist
Soap LakeMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
Soap LakeMikel SmithCertified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Soap LakeJessica GuttingTeacher of the Visually Impaired
Soap LakeCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
Soap LakeEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
WardenJessica GuttingTeacher of the Visually Impaired
WardenEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
Wilson CreekErika CleverlySpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
Wilson CreekBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
Wilson CreekSuzi BroaddusSchool Psychologist
Wilson CreekEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
Wilson CreekMaurita AndrewsSpeech Language Pathologist
DistrictProvider (click to send email)Service
BrewsterEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
BrewsterRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
Methow ValleyCarly ReiserSpeech Language Pathologist
Methow ValleyErin SeaburgSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
Methow ValleyMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
Methow ValleyBrian WilgusOccupational Therapist
Methow ValleyRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
Methow ValleyBrittney ShawSchool Psychologist
Methow ValleyCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
NespelemSuzi BroaddusSchool Psychologist
OkanoganRyan StieveTeacher of Visually Impaired
OkanoganCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
OmakMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
OmakMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
OmakJennifer WeeksOccupational Therapist
OmakMikel SmithCertified Occupational Therapist Assistant
OmakJessica GuttingTeacher of Visually Impaired
OmakEmily BushouseBehavior & Inclusion Coach
OrovilleMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
OrovilleJennifer WeeksOccupational Therapist
OrovilleMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
OrovilleCarrie ReeceTeacher of the Deaf
OrovilleBrittney ShawSchool Psychologist
OrovilleAdrian ChaveySecondary/Transition and Life Skills Specialist
OrovilleLisa AvilaSpecial Education Specialist
PaterosCarly ReiserSpeech Language Pathologist
PaterosErin SeaburgSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant
PaterosMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
PaterosMichelle OwenPhysical Therapist Assistant
TonasketAnna MunseySpeech Language Pathologist
TonasketMyra KurtzPhysical Therapist
TonasketJennifer WeeksOccupational Therapist
TonasketJessica GuttingTeacher of Visually Impaired

School District Contacts

DistrictName (Click to send email)Title/Position
BrewsterKayla JohansonDirector
BridgeportRaelynn DezellemDirector
CascadeBrett JohnsonDirector
CashmereMichelle ChristensenDirector
Coulee-HartlineKelley BoydDirector
EastmontKatie TuckerDirector
EntiatMichelle ArnoldDirector
EphrataJamie BessetteAssistant Director
Grand Coulee DamKathryn LogueDirector
Lake ChelanKirk MarshlainDirector
MansfieldLisa GuzmanSchool Principal, Special Education Lead/Secretary
MansonBen RiipiDirector
Methow ValleyJolee LobeDirector
Moses LakeSammi BurgessDirector
NespelemEffie DeanSuperintendent
OkanoganAngela RolfeDirector
OmakSarah LewmanDirector
OrondoJolee LobeDirector
OrovilleKelly KingDirector
PalisadesTabatha MiresSuperintendent/Director
Paschal Sherman Indian SchoolJacob NicholsonDirector
PaterosSheri MortimerDirector
Pinnacles PrepJill FineisCEO/Principal
QuincyConnie MartinDirector
Soap LakeKandice HansenDirector
TonasketKristi KriegDirector
WardenDenise McCafferyDirector
WatervilleJolee LobeDirector
WenatcheeTrisha CraigDirector
Wilson CreekKathy SadlerDirector