Now more than ever, we need to consider how Washington schools support the needs of students with emotion and behavior challenges.

Moving All to Success & Health (MASH) is a support program developed by a collaborative of Educational Service Districts to provide training and coaching to school staff and families who are working with children with intensive behavioral needs.

MASH provides virtual access to wrap-around support services for their school district staff, students, and families.

MASH is led by a team of experts including Board Certified Behavior Analysts, a Social Worker and a National Board Certified Teacher. Over the course of 10-weeks, the MASH team focuses on the success of the student in the school setting. Personalized to the needs of each student and school, the MASH team provides a wide variety of services including parent training, one-on-one student support, behavior plans and assessments, ACT training, staff behavioral training, IEP support, and on-campus support — all driven by behavioral data. The ultimate achievement being the student’s success at home, school, and in their everyday life.

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What is ACT?

The MASH program uses the Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) approach in the service of overt behavior change that matters to families, school staff, and the students. It is about creating new, flexible ways of talking about thoughts and feelings.

ACT is a skills training procedure to learn new habits of responding to our challenging thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. All of us have learned patterns that aren’t helpful, and part of ACT is just noticing our own behavior, thoughts, and emotions. It allows everyone involved to move towards what they care about in small and meaningful ways.

The MASH team will support students, families, and school staff by working on six of the core behavior areas in the ACT approach: present moment awareness, acceptance of feelings and emotions, values, committed action, empathy, and compassion.

Program Services & Support

The MASH program is designed to be completed in three 10-week phases, but based on intake, the MASH team will recommend a beginning phase for each student. The student’s IEP team will ultimately decide which phase the student will be enrolled in. Phases last a minimum of 10 weeks unless the team requests an earlier phase change. Progress and phase placement will be reviewed on a quarterly (minimally) basis with the IEP and MASH teams.

Each phase of the program includes different support services and training for the IEP team, school staff, students and their family. Phases for the 2021-22 school year include:

  • Phase 1 – Learning ($50/day)
  • Phase 2 – Generalizing ($100/day)
  • Phase 3 – Exiting ($150/day)

Below are examples of services and support provided by the MASH team throughout different phases of the program:

School Support

  • Basic behavior skills staff training
  • Behavioral data monitoring and support
  • ACT trainings
  • School-based behavior PLC
  • Weekly MASH check-ins
  • MASH IEP team collaboration
  • Student-specific behavioral skills staff training
  • Student-specific BIP training
  • Trauma-Informed IEP training
  • 2 days on-campus support

Student Support

  • Updated FBA/BIP
  • Meet 1:1 with SSW as requested
  • 1:1 ACT with MASH Teacher (1-3 times per week, as needed)
  • ACT Functional Analysis

Family Support

  • Monthly SSW check-ins
  • Parent training for specific behavioral and SEL needs (as needed)
  • ACT trainings
  • Family PLC
  • Coordination with outside mental health services (as applicable)
  • Connection to community-based resources
  • MASH IEP team collaboration
  • Safety Care Family Training

Access to all of MASH support and services cost $250-$300 per day for each student. This reduced daily rate is thanks to OSPI Inclusionary Practices Project Funding! Invoices will be prorated and collected monthly.


Our team of experts can’t wait to work with your school staff, students, and families. The best way to reach the MASH team is to email us at

Anna Troutman

NCESD 171 Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Ashley Beard

OESD 114 Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Alixaundrea Poli

OESD 114 School Social Worker