Now more than ever, we need to consider how Washington schools support the needs of students with emotion and behavior challenges.

Moving All to Success & Health (MASH) is a support program developed by a collaborative of Educational Service Districts to provide training and coaching to school staff and families who are working with children with intensive behavioral needs.

MASH provides virtual access to wrap-around support services for their school district staff, students, and families.

Each MASH team is led by a team of experts including a Behavior Specialist, Behavior Support Specialist, Social Worker, and Case Manager. MASH teams focus on the success of each student at school, home and in everyday life. Personalized to the needs of each student, the family, and the school, the MASH team provides a wide variety of services including parent training, one-on-one student support, behavior plans and assessments, PFA/SBT coaching and implementation, staff behavioral training, IEP support, progress monitoring, and on-campus observations and coaching– all driven by behavioral data.

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Program Services & Support

Based on intake, the MASH team will recommend a beginning package for each student. The student’s IEP team will ultimately decide which package the student will be enrolled in. Based on progress and implementation fidelity of the team, student placement will be reviewed minimally quarterly with the IEP and MASH teams.

Each phase of the program includes different support services and training for the IEP team, school staff, students and their family. Phases for the 2023-2024 school year include:

  • Package 1 (BCBA Lead) – $1,250/week
  • Package 1a – Maintenance (BCBA Lead) – $850/week
  • Package a (Social Worker Lead) – $575/week
  • Package 3 (Teacher Lead) – $325/week

Click here to view the an outline of what is included with each Package

Below are examples of services and support provided by the MASH team throughout different phases of the program:

School Support

  • Basic behavior skills staff training
  • Behavioral data monitoring and support
  • SBT Coaching
  • Weekly MASH check-ins
  • MASH IEP team collaboration
  • Student-specific behavioral skills staff training
  • Student-specific BIP training
  • Trauma-Informed IEP training
  • 2 days on-campus support

Student Support

  • Updated FBA/BIP
  • Meet 1:1 with SSW as requested
  • Practical Functional Assessment
  • SBT Implementation

Family Support

  • Monthly SSW check-ins
  • Parent training for specific behavioral and SEL needs (as needed)
  • Family PLC
  • Coordination with outside mental health services (as applicable)
  • Connection to community-based resources
  • MASH IEP team collaboration

Access to all of MASH support and services cost $325-$1,250 per week based on Package enrollment. These reduced weekly rates are thanks to OSPI Inclusionary Practices Project Funding! Invoices will be prorated and collected monthly.

What is SBT?

Using the information the MASH team gains during their analysis, they design an individualized Skills Based Treatment (SBT) plan for the student that focuses on their IEP goals. The MASH team provides the synthesized reinforcement identified in the Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) to increase motivation and use this reinforcement model to teach new skills. Through this process, the MASH team teaches the student functional communication and how to tolerate denials and delays, while providing robust social emotional and academic instruction in a rapport-focused, child-driven therapeutic model.

MASH Teams

Our team of experts can’t wait to work with your school staff, students, and families. The best way to reach the MASH team is to email us at

MASH Coordinator

Anna Troutman

Program Coordinator

Central/Eastern Washington

Sam Leahy

Special Education Specialist

Jesse Horwath

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Janette Ruiz-Arroyo

Registered Behavior Technician

Abe Bray

Registered Behavior Technician

Alma Navarrete

Social Worker

Western Washington

Gabby Ruiz

Special Education Specialist

Katie Levy

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Molly Grade

Registered Behavior Technician

Megan Howard

Social Worker

Kody Brynestad

Special Education Specialist

Kayla Martin

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Sonny Fitiao

Social Worker

Alena Gonzalez

Social Worker