Student Safety & Well-Being

Focusing on physical, social, and emotional safety for all students.

The NCESD Student Safety & Well-Being department provides essential student safety and well-being services to school districts, including:

  • Behavioral Health Supports

  • Suicide Prevention and Training

  • School-Based Threat Assessment

  • Comprehensive School Safety Planning

  • Emergency Management

  • Crisis Response

  • Crisis Management

  • School Nurse Corps

Click on the individual programs below to learn more about the services NCESD provides in the following areas: Behavioral Health Services, Threat Assessment, Comprehensive School Safety, School Nurse Corps, and Attendance & Re-engagement. You can access Public Health Resources here.

Department Contact

Eric Johnson

Associate Director
Student Safety & Well-Being
Email Eric Johnson | 509-667-3637

Student Safety and Well-Being Programs

Rebecca I’Anson
Student Re-engagement Coordinator
Email Rebecca I’Anson

Shelley Seslar
Managing Director, Behavioral Heath
Email Shelley Seslar

Mike Dingle
School Safety Consultant
Email Mike Dingle

Cathy Meuret
Managing Director, School Nurse Corps
Email Cathy Meuret

Hunter McLeod
Threat Assessment Coordinator
Email Hunter McLeod