Dan Nanamkin

Educator & Traditional Storyteller, Director of Young Warrior Society

Dan Nanamkin (Thunder & Lightning) grew up on the Colville Indian Reservation. During his upbringing he experienced great blessings in storytelling, language, spiritual teachings, ceremonies and traditional songs and knowledge passed to him from a very early age by his elders.

Through his adult life he has served the youth and communities as a community events director, prevention programs coordinator, cultural educator, health and wellness instructor and through selfless community service.

He now travels across the nation where he is called to speak toward environmental/social justice, humanity, youth empowerment, diversity, and to create bridges of healing and unity. He brings a unique personality and perspective and shares knowledge to all walks of life through appearances on television, feature films, music recordings, documentaries, news, art, social media and will soon publish his first book.

He has just successfully passed the Washington state teachers artist training lab and will create a wide variety of empowering and inspirational workshops and educational videos. He is the director for a community group effort called The Young Warrior Society which provides community outreach and school presentations based on indigenous-led land based education.