Holiday Stress Reduction Strategies

Published November 14, 2023

Holiday Stress Reduction Strategies

By combining advice from the American Psychiatric Association and the Mayo Clinic Health System, we have generated the following list of holiday stress reduction strategies you might use yourself and encourage your parents and older students to use.

  • Plan ahead, keeping expectations realistic
  • Permit yourself to say no
  • Create a realistic holiday budget to alleviate financial stress
  • Make your spaces as comfortable and relaxing as possible
  • Plan for and take breaks from from your holiday preparations
  • Spend time outdoors enjoying fresh air and natural light
  • Share feelings where appropriate and safe
  • Respect differences in people
  • If you are grieving, be especially gentle with yourself
  • Continue healthy practices (dietary, movement, mindfulness)

We hope you find these helpful! To read the source article from the Mayo Clinic Health System, click here. To read the source article from the American Psychiatric Association, click here.


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