School Nurse Performance Evaluations

Clinical supervision of a nurse is based on knowledge of the laws, regulations, and rules governing nursing practice, nursing practice standards, and nursing performance standards. In a school setting, a registered nurse (RN) or advanced registered nurse practitioner ( ARNP) may be supervised by a similarly-licensed health service professional. However, in some settings, the RN or ARNP is supervised by a non-licensed school administrator. In these situations, the non-licensed administrator may evaluate the nurse on matters other than the practice of nursing, such as terms and conditions of employment and employee performance. Only an RN or ARNP licensed under chapter 18.79 RCW may supervise, direct, or evaluate a licensed nurse working in a school setting with respect to the practice of nursing. (RCW 28A.210.305).

Nurses should evaluate their practice in relationship to professional nursing practice standards, practice guidelines, relevant statutes, and regulations (ANA, 2010).

Professional Portfolio

School nurses are encouraged to develop and maintain a professional portfolio. A portfolio can articulate nursing practice in a way that is meaningful for the school nurse’s supervisor, whether a non-licensed school administrator or a similarly licensed health service professional. 

See the Competence tab on this page for professional portfolio recommendations.