BEST School Nurse Mentor Program

The NCESD Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST) School Nurse Mentor program provides support for novice school nurses. School nurse mentors serve as teachers, coaches, protectors, sounding boards, resources, role models, sponsors, and challengers, helping new school nurses gain confidence s as they aid novice nurses in their development. Mentors assist the novice school nurse in:

  • building confidence in health services management skills
  • building collegial relationships with school staff and administrators
  • building a professional network
  • task prioritization

Melanie Wallace, RN, BEST School Nurse Mentor, Wenatchee School District (right),  and Amanda Peaslee, RN, Pinnacles Prep school nurse (left) during a mentoring session. 

On completion of NCESD Introduction to School Nursing, a novice school nurse is matched with a BEST school nurse mentor, with a goal of a 2-year mentoring relationship.