Our Mission

The mission of the North Central Educational Service District is to provide leadership and quality service in advocating innovative educational programs for children and community.

See Guide to Services to learn more about services NCESD offers to schools and students.

Our Staff

 ESD group Goals 

  • To develop and distribute our annual report to appropriate audiences
  • To promote communication and dialogue between and among ESD’s, school districts, governmental agencies, organizations, and the general public for the purpose of enhancing programs for families and children.
  • To advocate collaborative partnerships with all audiences involved in the welfare and service of students
  • To educate and advocate elected officials, public and private organizations, and the public regarding common interests in order to promote the effectiveness of our agency
  • To be a proactive leader in developing and initiating new programs for local school districts
  • To provide leadership to school districts, agencies and communities by assisting in education reform activities and programs
  • To provide and model best practices in all services delivered to school districts, agencies, and communities
  • To establish and maintain open lines of communication with audiences interested in education
  • To foster positive working relationships between and among our ESD, school districts, governmental agencies, private organizations, and the public regarding the mission and operation of the ESD
  • To implement and evaluate an on-going public education and public relations program that educates audiences about ESD operations

Last Modified on September 12, 2016