The Student Success and Learning department at NCESD provides a comprehensive menu of services to assist educators in their efforts to provide safe, healthy, and positive educational environments where students achieve high levels of academic success. This is accomplished by using research-based practices, including the integration of educational technology.

With an exceptional staff and cadre of specialists, educators receive expertise in:

Our Student Success and Learning Staff include:

  • Shana Anders

    Shana AndersPhysical Therapist
  • Kim Colwell

    Kim ColwellBirth-3 Special Education Teacher509-845-7979
  • Dennis Conger

    Dennis CongerCareer Connected Learning and CTE Director
  • Cari Haug

    Cari HaugRegional Science Coordinator
  • Eric Johnson

    Eric JohnsonAssociate Director of SEL and Threat Assessment509-665-2610
  • Heather Kelly

    Heather KellySchool Psychologist Intern
  • Josie Komorowski

    Josie KomorowskiEarly Learning Coordinator
  • Tami McBride

    Tami McBrideCareer Connected Learning Specialist
  • Elizabeth McLaughlin

    Elizabeth McLaughlinSpeech Language Pathologist
  • Kathryn Metcalfe

    Kathryn MetcalfeWarehouse Supervisor
  • Lisa Monahan

    Lisa MonahanSTEM Educational Specialist
  • Andrew Robinett

    Andrew RobinettTeacher of the Visually Impaired/Orientation & Mobility
  • Ryan Stieve

    Ryan StieveTeacher of the Visually Impaired/Orientation & Mobility
  • Heather Stringer

    Heather StringerScience Cadre Member – Electrical Safety509-888-7034
  • Anna Troutman

    Anna TroutmanBoard Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Cyndy Valdez

    Cyndy ValdezMigrant Education Director
  • Cyle Nielsen

    Cyle NielsenBirth to 3 Special Education Teacher509-847-4146
  • Samantha Laskey

    Samantha LaskeyPhysical Therapist509-961-7262
  • Ami Collins

    Ami CollinsSpeech Language Pathologist509-885-8293
  • Amy McCubbin

    Amy McCubbinStudent Assistant Specialist
  • Anna Munsey

    Anna MunseySpeech Language Pathologist509-429-2953
  • Brian Wilgus

    Brian WilgusOccupational Therapist509-630-6301
  • Brianna Peterson

    Brianna PetersonSpeech Language Pathologist509-679-0640
  • Carly Reiser

    Carly ReiserSpeech Language Pathologist610-349-7153
  • Cathy Mullin

    Cathy MullinSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant509-393-1165
  • Donna Drollinger

    Donna DrollingerSpeech Language Pathologist206-851-5848
  • Leigh Allison-Ray

    Leigh Allison-RayStudent Assistant Specialist
  • Lisa Agnew-Santos

    Lisa Agnew-SantosSchool Psychologist509-860-5228
  • Lesa Eiffert

    Lesa EiffertStudent Assistant Specialist
  • Rocio McClellan

    Rocio McClellanSpeech Language Pathologist509-578-0753
  • Suzi Broaddus

    Suzi BroaddusSchool Psychologist509-885-0773
  • Tarin Kendrick

    Tarin KendrickTeacher of Visually Impaired/ Orientation and Mobility Specialist509-679-6042
  • Linda McKay

    Linda McKayAssistant Superintendent509-665-2651
  • Bill Eagle

    Bill EagleAssociate Director of Student Success and Learning509-665-2611
  • Heather Small

    Heather SmallAdministrative Assistant, Student Success and Learning509-665-2649
  • Darcy Johnson

    Darcy JohnsonAssociate Director of Student Success and Learning509-665-2615
  • Ric Escobedo

    Ric EscobedoMigrant Out-of-School Youth Health Coordinator509-888-7040
  • Bárbara Guzmán

    Bárbara GuzmánMigrant Family & Student Engagement Specialist509-667-3633
  • Kate Lindholm

    Kate LindholmStem Education Specialist / GLAD Trainer509-888-7035
  • Anne Stewart

    Anne StewartSecondary Humanities Specialist509-888-7037
  • Celeste Beaty

    Celeste BeatyWarehouse Refurbishment Assistant
  • Leanne Lafferty

    Leanne LaffertyAssistant Director of Special Education509-667-3410
  • Candelaria Sanchez

    Candelaria SanchezFamily Resource Coordinator/Paraeducator509-664-3781
  • Janelle Bersch

    Janelle BerschEarly Childhood Coordinator509-664-3781
  • Karla Fahey

    Karla FaheyAutism Consultant/ Birth-3 Special Education Teacher509-664-3781
  • Leah Harris

    Leah HarrisBirth-3 Special Education Teacher509-664-3781
  • Oralia Banuelos

    Oralia BanuelosFamily Resource Coordinator/Para Educator509-664-3781