School Nurse Corps

School Nurse Corps Overview

Research shows that access to a registered nurse in the school setting promotes student safety, improves attendance, fosters academic achievement, reduces health and educational disparities, and contributes to creating engaged and informed citizens. Unfortunately, not all school districts have the resources to support registered nursing services. This is particularly the case in smaller, rural districts with limited resources. School Nurse Corps (SNC), a collaborative partnership between the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Educational Service Districts, promotes equitable student access to registered nursing services.


All children receive equitable, full access to school nursing services to be healthy, safe and successful in school and life.


The School Nurse Corps, in partnership with schools, families and communities, improves student health outcomes, safety, and readiness to learn. School Nurse Corps promotes equity by increasing access to student health services and by expanding a school’s capacity to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.


  • Provide school health consultation, professional development, mentoring, resources and technical guidance on school nurse practice and health services administration within NCESD region.
  • Assist school administrators in reviewing and planning for health services.
  • Assist school nurses and administrators in collecting and analyzing health services data.
  • Provide direct services support (as funding allows).
  • Work in partnership with national, state and regional agencies on practice and quality improvement efforts that ultimately impact NCESD districts.