NCESD School Nurse Corps Calendar lists events related to School Nursing and School Nurse Case Management: educational events, webinars, meetings and tasks. Click the title for information about the event, including registration and/or connection information.

You can also view an updated list of professional development opportunities for school nurses on the “Professional Development” tab or you can view/download/print here.

To post an event:
Event postings are related to school nurse practice. Postings require: event title, date, start and end time, location (with street address), and an event description (including a contact name, phone or email, and, if applicable, an agenda, electronic address and event code, event flyer, or photo).

There is no charge for event postings.

Please submit posting requests to: Sheila Salmon at

Please note that all requests are subject to review. We hold the right to refuse a posting without explanation.