Part 1 – Introduction

Meet Jane Orme, a retired english teacher who also taught drama and directed a number of plays at the schools in Winthrop, Washington. Today, she directs many of the children’s plays for the Merc Playhouse in Twisp, Washington. In this video she also talks about how she got started in directing children’s theater productions.

Part 2 – Rehearsal Process

Jane talks about the rehearsal process and how she helps kids prepare for performances. She also discusses the different school subjects that are used in theater and acting.

Part 3 – Working with Children of All Ages

Jane talks about directing children ages 8-18 and the joys of working with younger children in theater and how the older kids can provide guidance for the young ones. She also discusses the school subjects that are used in theater.

Part 4 – Examples of Lessons to Teach

Jane explains how theater activities can be embedded into the lessons in your classroom. She also shares advice for incorporating art (including movement and theater) into the classroom.

Part 5 – Who influences your work?

Jane talks about Howard Gardener’s “7 Intelligences” and how it influenced her early in her career. She talks about how many students are kinesthetic learners and theater can really lend itself to that aspect of learning.