Getting Started 

The NCESD School Nurse Demographic Form provides School Nurse Corps with necessary information to support your success in your school nurse position. Complete and forward the form to: Sheila Salmon

Orientation Opportunities

NCESD Introduction to School Nursing – This course program provides an overview of the school nurse specialty, focusing on state and national practice scope and standards, state laws and regulations, current care guidelines, and resources. This course is intended for nurses new to the school nurse role, those with limited experience working in a school environment, and those who have many years of experience but would like to review the latest presentations and materials. This 2 day course is scheduled in August prior to the start of the school year. Orientation materials are posted in the Access-All School Nurses / Orientation folder

NCESD Introduction to Skyward/Qmlativ – This course introduces the electronic student information system (SIS), either Skyward or Qmlativ, in use at participant school districts. This 4 hour course is scheduled in August prior to the start of the school year.Skyward/Qmlativ materials are posted in the Access-All School Nurses / Skyward/Qmlaitiv folder

Modified Orientation Sessions – May be scheduled during the school year for nurses moving into school nursing after the school year begins. 

Resource Access

To gain access to the School Nurse Google Drive, please complete the NCESD School Nurse Demographic Form and submit to Sheila Salmon. Note: If you previously saved the folder “Access – All School Nurses” in your quick access you will want to unpin it before pinning the new folder.

Common Accounts

  • pdEnroller By creating a NCESD pdEnroller account, a school nurse can enroll in listed professional development courses, purchase clock hours, and maintain an electronic education record, both as a participant and as an instructor. Access information about pdEnroller, including account creation, course cancellation policies, and more, at About pdEnroller
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) Registered nurses require an NPI identifier to bill Medicaid for nursing services provided to students (e.g., WA HCA School-Based Health Care Services [SBHS]). Apply via the application portal at: National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) 
  • Secure Access Washington (SAW) The Washington State portal supports access to state services, license applications and renewals, and some WA DOH school-based health programs. SAW account application instructions are available at: WABON SAW Account 
  • WA State Immunization Information System (IIS) School Module  School nurses require a Full Access account that supports vaccination view/add/edit as well as roster revisions and printing functions. See WA DOH IIS School Module – Creating Accounts