Lesson 4: Stakeholders of the Columbia River – Salmon and Native American

Lesson 4 Text  



Journey of the King – 22 minutes 

Memories of the Water – 8:19 minutes

Sternwheelers on the Columbia – 17:8 minutes

Read “Voyage to the Pacific,” Paddle the Upper River, pp 5-6


Legend of the Lost Salmon – A Yakima Legend (link)

How Coyote Made the Columbia River

Life Cycle sort cards

Life Cycle Narration Cards

Additional Resources and LINKS

Salmonids in Troubled Waters  

*** Check out the Games!  Includes: Salmon Dissection and a survival game.***

Thank you – Michelle Lieberg, Eastmont

Follow the lifecycle of a Chinook salmon… 
Salmon Life Cycle – GC PUD
 ( drawings and poster)

SALMON life Cycle Poster

The Amazing Journey of the Columbia River Salmon

Fish of the Mid-Columbia River

Smell Your Way Home” Salmon Life Cycle Poster