Administrative Direct Services Dr. Michelle Price509.665.2628 Email Dr. Michelle Price
Board Training/Board Retreats/GovernanceDr. Michelle Price509.665.2628 Email Dr. Michelle Price
Superintendent Search Services Dr. Michelle Price509.665.2628 Email Dr. Michelle Price
Superintendent ServicesDr. Michelle Price509.665.2628 Email Dr. Michelle Price
North Central Education Foundation
Liaison/SecretaryEldene Wall509.669.6838Email Eldene Wall
Business/Information Support Services
Fiscal ServicesTrisha Schock509.667.3632Email Trisha Schock
State ReportingJason Williams509.667.7103Email Jason Williams
Information Service Center CooperativeJennifer Chamberlain509.665.2635Email Jennifer Chamberlain
Clock Hours & Professional Development
Registrar / Clock HoursLysbeth Romero509.223.6978Email Lysbeth Romero
Social Media/Communications ServicesBecca Freimuth509.667.9479Email Becca Freimuth
Fingerprinting ServicesKim Wagner509.665.2610Email Kim Wagner
Human Resources
AESOP (Substitute Consortium Services) Suzanne Reister509.667.7100Email Suzanne Reister
Unemployment Cooperative Suzanne Reister509.667.7100Email Suzanne Reister
Excellence Recognition BanquetsBarb Nuxoll509.665.2617Email Barb Nuxoll
Crisis Management CooperativeEric Johnson509.667.3637Email Eric Johnson
Workers Compensation CooperativePaul Harrison509.667.7108Email Paul Harrison
Learn 360Pete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Proquest/eLibraryPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
WorldBook databasesPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Rosetta StonePete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Technology Services
Email Archiving-RetentionPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
eRate SupportPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Network ServicesPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
On-site Desktop Technology SupportPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Cloud Based Services (Ex. Google, Office 365)Pete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Spam FilteringPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Technology PurchasingPete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Hosted Wi-Fi ServicePete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Hosted VoIP (IP Phone Service)Pete Phillips509.667.7109Email Pete Phillips
Student and School Success
Deputy SuperintendentDr. Linda McKay509.665.2651Email Dr. Linda McKay
Executive Director Student Success & LearningBill Eagle509.665.2611Email Bill Eagle
Associate Director of Student Success and LearningDr. Ashley Goetz509.239.8344Email Dr. Ashley Goetz
Associate Director of Student Success and LearningDarcy Johnson509.665.2615Email Darcy Johnson
Associate Director of Student Success and LearningStephanie Andler509.665.2616Email Stephanie Andler
District and School Improvement
MTSS SupportKjersti Clayton509.239.8521Email Kjersti Clayton
Bill Eagle509.665.2611Email Bill Eagle
Early Childhood
WaKIDS (WA Kinder Inv of Dev Skills)Janelle Bersch509.667.3641Email Janelle Bersch
Regional Literacy Coordinator (RLC) Shanna Brooks509.665.2645Email Shanna Brooks
Migrant Program DirectorCyndy Valdez509.665.3634 Email Cyndy Valdez
Family & Student Engagement SpecialistGaby Fernandez509.860.8967Email Gaby Fernandez
Migrant Out-of-School Youth/Health CoordinatorMaria Navarette509.888.7040Email Maria Navarette
Multilingual Education Services
Language Acquisition CooperativeCyndy Valdez509.665.3634 Email Cyndy Valdez
School Nurse CorpsCathy Meuret509.665.2625Email Cathy Meuret
School Nurse Case ManagementCathy Meuret509.665.2625Email Cathy Meuret
Career Connected LearningTami McBride509.667.3642Email Tami McBride
Special Education
Special Education Services  Darcy Johnson509.665.2615Email Darcy Johnson
Chelan/Douglas Early Prevention Program (B-3)Janelle Bersch509.667.3641Email Janelle Bersch
Special Education Early Childhood Services Janelle Bersch509.667.3641Email Janelle Bersch
Regional Science Coordinator (RSC)Cari Haug509.667.7102Email Cari Haug
STEM Materials Cooperative (K-5)Dr. Linda McKay509.665.2651Email Dr. Linda McKay
STEM Materials Cooperative (Middle School)Dr. Linda McKay509.665.2651Email Dr. Linda McKay
STEM CooperativeDr. Linda McKay509.665.2651Email Dr. Linda McKay
Apple STEM NetworkDr. Sue Kane509.888.7036Email Dr. Sue Kane
Regional Math Coordinator (RMC)Dr. Andy Boyd509.665.2646Email Andy Boyd
Student Safety & Well-Being
Associate DirectorEric Johnson509.667.3637Email Eric Johnson
Managing Director, Behavioral HealthShelley Seslar509.665.2626Email Shelley Seslar
Readiness to Learn Shelley Seslar509.665.2626Email Shelley Seslar
Student Assistance ProfessionalsCrystal Fickey509.300.4981Email Crystal Fickey
Regional School Safety ProgramMike Dingle509.667.3639Email Mike Dingle
Threat AssessmentHunter McLeod509.667.3647Email Hunter McLeod
Teacher Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP)
TPEPBill Eagle509.665.2611Email Bill Eagle
eVALBill Eagle509.665.2611Email Bill Eagle
Title I/LAP
Title I CooperativeDr. Ashley Goetz509.239.8344Email Dr. Ashley Goetz
Title I and Federal Programs Director ServicesDr. Ashley Goetz509.239.8344Email Dr. Ashley Goetz